Thursday, September 04, 2008

Pick of Palin

I watched Governor Palin's speech tonight. This was the first live coverage of either convention that I watched. Usually they're much too painful for me, but I was really interested in finding out more about the Republican nominee for Vice President, and so I tuned in.

She spoke well, and you'll see plenty of reports praising her abilities after tonight. In a high pressure situation she delivered a consistent, measured, accessible speech. Meh. Good - even great - oration just doesn't impress me. It just doesn't seem that rare to me. So even if she did well, the most enthusiasm I can muster for the speech itself is a "meh". I probably would have said the same about Obama. It's a pretty rare thing when a political speech can motivate me. In recent history the only person to really woo me was Keith Ellison. If you ever get a chance to hear that man talk, seize the opportunity.

Anyway, I was able to get what I came for with the Palin speech. I feel like I have a much better feel for the woman. To sum up my impression:

I'm extremely impressed with her personal biography, but not in any way impressed with her political positions and rhetoric.

I love the mom-of-five, PTA rise to governor, child with a disability, public-school education, blue-collar husband background. But I don't love the down-with-taxes, up with drilling, boo civil rights, yay corporate America rhetoric. She doesn't seem like she'd be a Republican attack-dog, and her political posturing/strong partisan positions don't really seem to fit with the identity that her biography paints.

It feels like there's a disconnect.

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