Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Target Centers

This post has been a few days in coming, but I've been sick, so back off, ok?

The Twins announced the naming sponsor for their new ballpark, and as I'm sure everyone has heard, it's Target. Yup, the Twins will be playing at Target Field. Along with the field itself, Target will be sponsoring the walkway up to the ballpark.

As far as names go, it's not terrible. Target is a nationally-known, well-liked, Minnesota company. They've always been very involved in the community, and they're a relatively responsible corporate citizen. But "Target Field" is kind of lame. It isn't "U.S. Cellular" or "American Airlines" offensive, but it's not brilliant. I don't know too many corporate names that are.

Well, I know one that's pretty good: Target Center. That arena right next door to the Twins new stadium. So Target will be sponsoring an arena, ball field, and the walkway between the two. Here's what I'd like to see: call the entire area "The Target Center" and have "The Arena" and "The Ballpark" at Target Center. Target still gets their naming rights, they're acknowledged to be sponsoring the entire neighborhood, and not just two venues, and no one has to call the stadium Target Field.

Sounds good, right?

Another thing I'd like to see in the new ballpark (credit goes to Kendrick on this): little Target bullseyes in the urinals.
Finally, it'd be wonderful if the Twins could address the skyline view from the ballpark. Minneapolis actually has a pretty wonderful skyline, but the view from the new stadium isn't the greatest. This is largely because of a single building: the city center. It's a giant concrete rectangle. My friend Joel has suggested that hanging a glass facade over the building might be enough to fix the problem. I think more than simple glass is needed, since the building will still be just a big flat rectangle. Some variation in texture or color would certainly help. Joel fixed up a couple of pictures to help illustrate the point. They're obviously quick photoshop jobs, but I think they make a compelling case. First, as the view currently is. Second, a plain bronze glass facade, and finally a multi-colored approach.

I think the third one is obviously the best. Now if anyone knows how we'd go about making this happen...
I can do the Robocop
I can do the Freddie
I cannot do the Smurf


Thinking Fool said...

Their name is fine. YOUR name is GREAT! Try a viral campaign to see if you can get people to call the sports venues by your unofficial name. Who knows - maybe it will take!

Mike said...

Targets in urinals have actually been scientifically proven to reduce spillage. So I agree that would be a good thing.

Eric Michael Peterson said...

My feeling about Kendrick's idea was that it would be a good thing since it would give the drunks a challenge.