Monday, October 27, 2008

Demolition Update

When I showed up for work today I was pleased to see I still had an outer wall. That shouldn't really be a question, but at Legal Aid, you never know.

They're still knocking down the bar next door. It's a much bigger building than the other two they demolished, so they'll be going at it for a little while still. At one point my co-worker and I were watching them from her office when they took down a giant roof beam. If the shovel's bucket had tipped just a little in our direction my co-worker would no long have a window. And, quite possibly, a head. Most of what was next to my window is gone now, which means, quite happily, that I can finally get sunlight in my office.

The other day they were sawing through the building's metal frames, and the vibrations traveled well enough that I kept answering phantom phone calls.

We'll see how the rest of this adventure continues...

Where is the ripcord, the trapdoor, the key?
Where is the cartoon escape-hatch for me?


Ben said...

One of these days you're going to be commenting on how the noise of people tearing down the building around you is really interfering with your meetings with clients. I don't look forward to your plight, but I look forward to your commentary on your plight.

superscalifragilisticexpealidocious said...

Oh my gosh,do they use the fun little wrecking ball thing? I can see them just swinging that thing around the building and accidentally knocking down a wall to your building, and you sitting in your desk totally oblivious as it passes over your head.

patric said...

i actually envision something like that will ferrel movie where he's the character in a book that's being written.

or, homer from the simpsons movie with the wrecking ball.

Matthew B. Novak said...

Sadly, there's not a wrecking ball. Just the gigantic power shovels. Today I saw them rip the last remaining pieces of Taco Bell from that lot. The giant sign at the front driveway had been taken down, but a big metal frame remained, stuck into a big concrete base. The shovel reached down and gripped the frame, and just started tugging. The whole thing bent and twisted and then finally there was this really loud "pop!" and the shovel, holding the frame, went arcing upwards to the top of it's reach, and then the guy turned the basket to one side, and opened it up, letting the frame crash to the ground. This was followed by about 10 "That was awesome!"s, since everyone who happened to be walking by had just stopped to watch.

They were all right. It was awesome.