Monday, October 20, 2008

Phickle Thoughts

I'm officially pulling the plug on my Centrist Voice blog. There's nothing I post there that I don't post here, and it isn't something that motivates me to generate new content. I had grand aspirations, but they've fallen away, and frankly, I just don't care for it any more.
I still consider myself to be a centrist. At this point in my life I'm certainly more liberal than most on some issues (health care should be a single payer government system), but on a lot of key issues, especially social issues (abortion, same sex marriage) I remain a centrist. I see some value in both sides, and I'd love to see us work to a compromise.

Part of being a centrist is that I frequently find myself defending both sides of an issue. It feels a bit odd sometimes, but I think it's important. I've heard people accusing Obama of being a terrorist, and I've heard people accusing McCain of being a racist, and I've heard that Obama will eliminate all restrictions on abortions and that McCain will make abortion illegal, and all sorts of things. And really, they're all ridiculous. So it can be important to step up and try to temper the extremes, but it can also be a little odd to play against both sides.
Anyone see Palin on SNL? I enjoyed it.
I hate the Red Sox, and I was so very very glad to see them lose to the Rays. First Tom Brady, and now a painful ALCS loss. Looks like New England might finally be running out of souls to sell the devil for their success.
So Obama is going to suspend his campaign for a few days to be with his sick grandmother. I'm not condemning the decision, but does it strike anyone else as... inconveniently reminiscent of criticism he lobbed at McCain?
I've plugged it before here, but I'm gonna do it again: I love The Current. It's public radio that plays a ridiculously wide variety of music. Independent artists, new stuff, old stuff, pretty much all genres, etc. I've been listening at work for a while, and now that they're doing a membership drive I'm gonna be donating for the first time. A good cause. Y'all should check it out, even if it's not a local station for you.
On the same block as my office stands a series of buildings, all recently vacated. Two weeks ago a two-man demolition crew leveled the former Taco Bell 3 buildings away from our office. It was completely gone in just 4 days. Last week they knocked over the used-car sales office one lot closer than the Taco Bell. And today they started demolishing the abandoned bar right next door.

I'll be honest, I'm not real excited for work next Monday.
And last but not least, congrats to my:
1. Sister-in-law and her husband on their beautiful new baby girl, and
2. To my Dad for turning 50.

Sitting around the house,
Watching the sun trace shadows on the floor.


Mike said...

I have a newfound respect for Sarah Palin after her turn on SNL. I still don't really want her to be veep though.

The Celtics should still have a very good year, and a possible repeat. Fortunately, basketball (especially professional) is so profoundly less important than baseball or football, so it doesn't really matter. By the way, nation, Tampa Bay says "you're welcome".

"Inconveniently reminiscent of criticism he lobbed at McCain"? McCain's suspension took a national crisis and tried to make it all about himself, which was ludicrous. I will concede that it does seem to undermine Obama's multiple-things-at-once criticism, but still, I don't see the two as particularly related.

I'll have to check out The Current at some point.

Great BTE reference. One of our old bands covered that song and it's a lot of fun.

Jeff said...

So Obama is going to suspend his campaign for a few days to be with his sick grandmother. I'm not condemning the decision, but does it strike anyone else as... inconveniently reminiscent of criticism he lobbed at McCain?

Calling BS on you here. This has nothing to do with running the country - it has everything to do with taking some personal time to deal with a family crisis. McCain wanted to "take a break" from politics to deal with politics. Obama actually is taking a break, for deeply personal reasons.

Matthew B. Novak said...

I understand that the reasons for removing themselves from the campaign are significantly different, but Obama's specific criticism was that McCain should be able to handle multiple things at the same time. This stepping back is Obama not-handling multiple things at the same time.

I'm not saying the decision is wrong; heck, I think it's exactly right. My implication is directed more at the previous criticism, and I mean to suggest that maybe that was misplaced. There are, times that call for a singular focus, much to the contrary of Obama's previous position.

Ben said...

You congratulated your sister-in-law and her husband. Wouldn't that make him your brother?

Oh wait, or is she your wife's sister? Never mind. Congrats to your family about the baby!

Mike - to quote Bruce Willis in Sin City: "There's wrong and then there's wrong and then there's this." That's how I feel whenever I read you putting down basketball.

Mike said...

In other words, Ben, you feel that I'm not "wrong" or "wrong" but "this", so I can only assume "this" means "right". Right?

Ben said...

Context, Mike. Context. Go back and watch the movie.

Of course, now that I think about it, the context was the Bruce Willis was getting propositioned by Jessica Alba. So maybe I should think of a better reference.

But you'll never get this former ball boy for the UAB Blazers basketball team to succumb to your nefarious attempts to treat basketball as a second-class sport.

Matthew B. Novak said...

Good. Second class is far too high.

Mike said...

I said "especially professional" because the NBA is generally a platform for ridiculously tall people to launch rap careers. I don't deny that college basketball is extremely important for about five weeks beginning in late February. But that's at least partly because football season has ended and baseball season hasn't started yet.

Nice comeback, Matt.

Emily R Powell said...

Hooray, another MPR member!