Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Phickle Thoughts, Last Week Edition

I haven't been in my office for a full week. I was at a conference last Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. It was the annual state-wide conference for Legal Aid programs. There's all sorts of CLE's and seminars directed at helping low-income, elderly, and disabled clients with their legal problems. The big thing this year is foreclosures. I only went to one of the three seminars on foreclosures because I've gotten a good amount of exposure to them in my daily work, and I've already had multiple trainings on the topic. The one session I did go to was eye-opening because most of the people in that course obviously had very little exposure to foreclosures and all of the recent developments. I work in one of the hardest hit areas of the country, so it makes sense that I've had a lot more exposure, but it was a great reminder of how little I knew on the subject just months ago. Still so much more to learn, but it felt good to see how far I've come.
Wednesday night I was able to get together with an old friend from high school, and her husband. It was awesome catching up with them. I hadn't seen her in two years, and I'd only met her husband briefly, yet things still clicked just like we'd been friends for ages. I'm hoping they'll be able to head up here sometime soon, and we'll get to return the hospitality.
Thursday was kind of cold and windy and misty. I took a walk along the beach. It had that dramatic wind/waves/mist feel that you sometimes see in the movies. Or somewhere. I dunno. It was pretty awesome though. I hadn't seen the ocean since my junior year of college. I went again on Friday, when it was much nicer out. Walked in the water, picked up some shells, all that good stuff.
I found a dead puffer fish!
Came back up Friday evening and had 3 days all to myself since Mrs. Fickle was visiting family. I took Monday off because I had a comp day from working a Saturday about a month ago. Working of foreclosures of all things...

I spent a good chunk of the time catching up on sleep and playing on the computer/Wii, but I also did some writing. I've officially started working on one of the novels I've always talked about. I'm not far, and it's all very rough draft, but I'm having a blast with the writing, and I've even come up with some stuff that I'm proud of. I also joined a writer's group, more as a motivational tool than as an editing forum. Our first meeting is this Wednesday. Looking forward to that.
I bought tickets to a They Might Be Giants concert! They're playing Flood in its entirety. Yay!
Mrs. Fickle came back into town late Monday, and we went out for a nice dinner. Tuesday - which we both had off because it was Veteran's Day - we went for a gorgeous walk on Theodore Roosevelt Island. It's a little island in the Potomac with a handful of paths for people to walk around. The weather was amazing and the foliage was gorgeous. We got some pretty awesome pictures too. Quite a nice day.
Tomorrow, I go back to work. I'm already dreading how many messages I'll have.
Last, but not least, I'm excited to share that at the Statewide Conference I may have received the annual award for "Greatest Achievement in Housing Law Work". I got the award for my work on a specific case, that had a pretty remarkable result. I'm not going to share any of the details here, but if anyone would like, I can e-mail you the description that was read at the award ceremony. Just send me a message.

It isn't really a huge deal (last year the person who won got it because they were sued by a former client), but it's a nice little feather in the cap. And line on the resume.

It's a simple message
And I'm leaving out the whistles and bells


Mike said...

What's your novel about? I've been telling myself for a while I'll jump back into one of the novels I've started that have fallen by the wayside. Hope you stick with it.

I am quite jealous about the TMBG concert. And congrats on the award.

Andrew said...

You're writing a novel? What's the scoop on that?

Your award sounds cool. What was the case about? What result did you achieve?

patric said...

congrats on the award.

i'm working on a novel too as my master's thesis.

you know, after you told me about the TMBG concert, i was tempted to fly out and go with you guys. but i decided not to.

superscalifragilisticexpealidocious said...

I love TMBG! tee he.