Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One Last Inauguration Thought

Originally this was part of what I had below, but I felt it was worth it's own post:

One of the most striking things about this inauguration for me is the number of people who have said, "I never thought I'd see this happen." Because while this election is most certainly an historic event, and something to be celebrated, the idea of a minority president has been a possibility for quite some time.

I regularly read Howard Sinker's blog, on the Star Tribune website. Howard was writing about the historic nature of the day, and he wrote, of past discrimination, "many of you who are younger would be hard pressed to imagine such exclusion."

I decided to offer a response, and it's the same response I'd share with people who thought they'd never see this day:

"As one of a younger generation I’d offer a slightly altered assessment. It isn’t that we can’t imagine the discrimination, or have a lack of understanding. Rather, it’s that the generations before us resolved the intellectual questions of racism, such that for us it was never a question whether a minority would ascend to the Presidency, but only a question of when. Perhaps this has led to some lack of appreciation of the depth of struggle, but I’m inclined to think that this is less a failure of the younger generation, and more a testament to how absolutely the proposition of racism has been rejected."

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Thinking Fool said...

I couldn't agree more. It's not as big a deal to our generation as to older generations because, well, "that shit don't fly no more!"