Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bar Exam

Well, I'm nearly up to that time when I'll be taking the bar. I fly back to Minnesota Saturday morning, and I'll spend the last couple days studying as much as I can before the test on Tuesday and Wednesday. For some reason, I'm really nervous about flying back... I think it's because I'm so excited to be done, and I'm looking so forward to all the stuff that I'm hoping to do after the bar, that if anything should go wrong, I know what I'd be missing out on. There's always a natural fear to flying, no matter how safe it is. The recent incidents don't help. Anyway... I digress.

The point is, I'm taking the test, and there won't be any new posts here until late next week, at the earliest.

But I'll leave you know with a link back to my post about the last time I took a bar exam. It was really a pretty hilarious situation. Except for, you know, the test-taking part.

Correct life, is like eating steel or flying a plane
It’s too bright, it’s too bright


Mike said...

Good luck!

Ben said...

I'm praying for you, dude. I know you'll rock the bar like an earthquake!