Friday, February 20, 2009

Double Standards Everywhere!

I'm not really rooting for either horse in the MN Senate race, because they should have just drawn lots a long time ago. But basically what has happened now is that Coleman is challenging that some ballots were improperly not counted. As part of that lawsuit, the judges have ruled that certain classes of ballots were properly excluded. Only, the thing is, it turns out a bunch of ballots that fit into those classes were counted in other areas. So, pursuant to the court's ruling, Coleman is saying the ones that were counted shouldn't be. This, naturally, makes Franken very angry, because he wants to count the improperly included ballots because they benefit him.

So, to sum up:

Coleman was asking for a bunch of excluded ballots to get counted. The judges said, "No, all ballots that fit into class A should be excluded." So Coleman says, "Well then, shouldn't we exclude all of the class A ballots?" And Franken says, "No, you should exclude the class A ballots that help Coleman, and include the class A ballots that help me."

It's pretty ridiculous.

Rock the boat
Don't tip the boat over


Mike said...

Meh, it's like "Alien vs. Predator": whoever wins, Minnesota loses.

empeterson said...

At this point, yes. Nobody likes either of them anymore.

brendan said...

Dont blame me, I voted for Kodos