Thursday, March 12, 2009

Christmas Pays Off

For Christmas this past year I got a bunch of fun kitchen gadgets from my in-laws. It was a really great gift, since I like to cook and play with gadgets. They included one little thing that wasn't explicitly a kitchen gadget: a really powerful magnet with a long, telescoping handle. That's been one of the more fun toys, since I use it to grab all sorts of stuff. Nothing practical, just fun.

Tonight that all changed. It got practical. I had just let myself into our building using the security fob they gave us to unlock the outer door, and was putting my keys back into my pocket as I stepped into the elevator. Only I missed my pocket and my keys fell to the ground, skidded across the floor, and down into the gap between the elevator and the floor.

I looked in the crack and could see all the way down to the bottom of the elevator shaft. Fortunately, my keys had gotten stuck just a foot or so down, and hadn't fallen all the way to the bottom. I quickly called my wife, and frantically told her to bring down "the magnet on a stick". She was down in a minute, and, viola! I had my keys.

So the hero of the night was my prescient in-laws, for foreseeing my plight, and providing me with the perfect tool for fixing the problem. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Livin' it up when I'm goin' down


rachel said...

That's awesome. You should wear an utility belt all the time.

rachel said...

"a" utility?

patric said...

utility belt, like a klutzy batman.

actually, a superhero who's power is being SUPER KLUTZY would be a cool comic.

if i do it, i will make matt into his secret identity.

Barzelay said...

Wow, thanks. I had no idea such a tool existed, but I just ordered one. I drop things (knives, mainly) behind my oven all the time and have to pull the oven out to get them. Now I will hopefully be able to just pick them, thanks to your sharing about this wonderful piece of equipment.

Thinking Fool said...

I cannot believe I haven't done this yet (drop my keys down the elevator shaft). Congrats on retrieving them, you little McGyver!