Monday, April 27, 2009


I realized it's been a week since I posted. It doesn't feel like it has actually been that long, but I can't argue with the facts. I've just been really busy lately. A quick run-down of the things I've been doing, and we'll call it a life update and pretend it's a meaningful post.

First, I've been doing a good amount of writing over on my new Twins blog. Baseball takes up a lot of time, and writing about the games - even short posts - can be time consuming. If you haven't been reading it, please check it out from time to time. There's at least some new content almost every day.

Second, in conjunction with baseball season we've upped our cable package to once again receive ESPN. This means I've admittedly had more TV watching lately... Weak, right? But I missed Stephen Colbert, so having him back is pretty awesome. And Decemberists tonight!

I've also been doing a good deal of writing on the first draft of the novel I'm working on. For those who are still wondering as to the topic I'll say this: the plot is loosely centered around a major archaeological find, but the book is really about what it means to be creative and discover something new in a world where everything has been done before. I'm currently working on chapter 5, and I've got more than 50 pages. Not too shabby, right?

Let's see... I'm two weeks into a stand up comedy class, so I've also been working on that routine quite a bit. Our performance is on May 13th. If anyone is around and wants to comes see it, I'd love to have you there. All I ask is that you don't heckle. You don't have to laugh, just please, please, don't heckle. I've actually probably got more raw material than I need, but a ways to go in honing things down for maximum laughs.

Finally I've been hanging out with the Mrs. a lot lately, holding my hand on her stomach and such. We've gotten to the point where we can feel the baby kick sometimes, which is really exciting. Oh yeah, for those who might not have heard yet, we're pregnant. So you know... there's that keeping me busy.

So far I had known no humiliation
In front of my friends and close relations


Mike said...

Loved the Decemberists on Colbert last night, though I would have preferred if they had skipped the interview and played the full song instead of cutting it short. (Hell, I would have preferred they play the entire album, but, well, you know...)

Congrats on the forthcoming mini Novak! That's exciting news.

Ben said...

Whoa! Way to sneak that baby thing in there. Maybe you mentioned The Incredibly Youthful Novak before, but I didn't missed it.