Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New TV

Last week I watched two new shows: Parks & Rec and The Unusuals. I enjoyed both. The Unusuals has a lot of potential. There's obviously going to be an overarching plot to the entire show, but the first episode had a tight enough arc in its own right. The characters seemed real engaging, with plenty of unique attributes that will provide a healthy dose of comedic relief. And the roles seemed well acted, at least this first time around. There was also enough, well, unusual stuff going on that it didn't feel like a formulaic procedural. I'll keep watching.

Parks & Rec seemed pretty funny. Not as good as The Office, though that's hardly a fair expectation. The first episode seemed a little too plot driven, and hopefully the rest of the plot happens more organically throughout the run of the show. One of the things that's so great about The Office is the host of supporting characters, like Crede and Phyllis and Stanley. That'll be something that Parks & Rec needs to develop.

The main characters have some very nice potential. I like Amy Pohler and Rashida Jones. I don't quite get the Rashida Jones character yet, but hopefully that'll come. Tom and April look like they'll be pretty funny, and Ron Swanson is already hilarious. Let's give this one some time to develop and hopefully we'll have another great addition to NBC's Thursday comedy lineup. Which, by the way, is what everyone should be watching on Thursday nights if they have their TV's on. There's simply no reason to be watching anything else on at that time. I'm looking at you women between 18 and 39 who are still gushing over Patrick Dempsey...

I was also considering watching Southland, because that looked like a really good police drama. I just wasn't willing to start three new shows, and so it lost out to those other two. Did anyone watch it? I saw good reviews... what did you think? I also was considering that show Kings. It looks like a pretty ambitious show (and it's based on stories from the Bible apparently), but the time slot and everything just didn't click for me. I also just had a feeling that it wouldn't get very far before cancellation... maybe I'll check it out on DVD someday. Oh, and I also stopped watching Heroes after the fall season ended, and frankly I'm still glad about it.

Yup... I just put up a post about my TV viewing habits. Shameful really. Sorry.

Got a curse I cannot lift
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empeterson said...

Whatever. Have you read my blog recently? I think I posted one of the most boring posts in a long time. So even if it's about tv viewing habits I think it beats mine.

nicole joy frethem said...

Heroes is an abusive boyfriend. I have a theory on it. It was horrible for the rist 3 or 4 episodes after the break and then it got good again. I believe it this time.

Matthew B. Novak said...

In my line of work I've seen enough abusive relationships. I'm not willing to give it another shot.