Monday, June 01, 2009

Wytheville Weirdness

Just a couple of quick stories from our short little trip to southwestern Virginia:

1. We decided to go out for a nice meal our first night in town. We asked the folks at the front desk what one of the nicer places in town was, and they first told us that they didn't eat at any of the restaurants around. That seemed odd. Usually hotel staff are a bit more helpful. Eventually we were able to coax a couple of suggestions from them. We headed off towards one, but changed our minds and decided to go instead to the Steakhouse.

We figured it was a steakhouse, and so we should at least look presentable. I'd been bumming around in shorts and a t-shirt, and we almost went back to the hotel to change, but instead figured we'd just check it out. I was glad we didn't change because even in shorts and a t-shirt I was significantly overdressed. You see, I had sleeves. And mind you, this was the nicest place in town.

2. At the restaurant there was this cute little boy. He had to be no more than 2. He was kind of noisy throughout the meal, which frankly we enjoyed immensely. It was dinner and a show. Eventually his folks got tired of him and tried to find something for him to play with. They came up with a cell phone. As soon as they handed the little kid the phone he began imitating all of the adults he'd seen use cell phones. That is to say, he put it to his ear and began yelling at the top of his lungs, totally oblivious that no one else cared about his call.

3. We went out for barbecue one night at a local joint that was supposed to be good. When we arrived I tried to order a slab of ribs, only to find out that they were out. This was relatively early on a Saturday night. Kind of strange, right? That was a pretty big sign that this restaurant was inept. Ultimately it turned out to be a good thing though, because they did have a sample size of ribs, and trying them I discovered that they were absolute crap. I was saved from the restaurant's ineptitude by the restaurant's ineptitude.

4. Driving through town we noticed a large building with two distinct signs on it. One said "Dollar General," while the other proclaimed "Super Dollar." There was just one parking lot, and one building, so we figured it had to be the same store, just with two different names.

Nope, it was two totally separate dollar stores sitting right next to each other, in direct competition with each other. Adding to the comedy was the fact that literally across the street was Family Dollar. Apparently this was the "dollar district".

We decided to patronize Super Dollar and Dollar General, to see how they compared. Dollar General was first on the list. Not much in the way of food selection, but it had some school supplies and off-label clothes. Including Wrankler brand jeans. That's right, knock-off Wranglers.

Next we stopped into Super Dollar. This was pretty much a grocery store, with generic everything. I saw a giant jar of pickled eggs. It was a big jar filled with eggs floating in some sort of orange water. Disgusting. The absolute highlight had to be the cereal aisle though. If you thought Wranklers were funny, then you need to buy yourself a box of Coco Krisp Ricies.

We decided to pass.

Anywho, it was a pretty fun trip in all. It's a beautiful part of the country down there, and it's well worth stopping to take an extended look if you're ever in the area. Virginia is a gorgeous state, and I'm glad we got to explore a little more.

I'm not the kind of girl
Who gives up just like that


superscalifragilisticexpealidocious said...

Ah man Matt, you should have bought some Coco Krisp Ricies as a souvenir! ha ha

brendan said...

my favorite is still the crispex rip off "Crispy Hexagons" (note: they are crispy only until the second you add milk)

AGJ said...

Are you sure that you were in Virginia? It sounds more like Montrose without the Brand Name Stores...

"Hey mom, there is someone at the door and he's got TEETH!"