Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm Back

I'm ready to start posting again! Yay!
I know I was on the fence about Obama in the lead-up to the election. I think the phrase I used was "cautiously optimistic." I had a lot of skepticism. But I'll tell you what: he's won me over.

I can't point to any specific policy or political move that he's made as the cause. It's actually that I love having a populist President. He's a celebrity, and I really like that quality. I wish he were a bit more of a thinker; despite his intellectual credentials I still get the impression he doesn't actually do most of his own thinking, and that the great ideas have always come from other sources. Maybe that's not fair. I don't know. It's really just an impression.

Regardless, I love his celebrity status. I like watching him on Leno. I like that the restaurants he goes to get more business. I loved watching him throw out the first pitch at the All Star Game, and listening to him chat with the guys in the booth. Of course Bush did a better job with both last year in the Nationals' first home game. He even spent some time calling that game from the booth, and handled it well. I don't think Obama could pull that off.

But that's ok, Bush is more of a baseball man than Obama. This is, of course, clearly demonstrated in Obama's choice of favorite team. Seriously, what kind of man picks a team of pure evil to root for? On second thought, I might have to reconsider my praise for Obama...

May you stay forever young


Jeff said...

He's not a Red Sox or a Yankees fan, right? So it's all good.

I think I've gone the other way on Obama. Much of the reason I voted for him was that I thought he was the best choice to bring our anti-terrorism policies back within the bounds of the rule of law. Not only has he failed to do that, but he's changing policy from ad-hoc lawbreaking to institutionalized lawbreaking (with his "indefinite detention" post-trial proposal). This is unforgivable to me.

And my word verification is "stomp." Seriously.

Mike said...

I forgive anybody who chooses the team in their hometown to root for (such as, in Obama's case, the White Sox). It's the people in, say, Tampa who root for the Red Sox (and aren't originally from Boston) that drive me nuts.

Anyway, like Jeff said, I too have gone the other way on Obama (though I was probably more skeptical at the outset). I forget who said it, but he's been bad on the stuff I expected him to be bad on (outrageous government spending springs readily to mind) while coming up short on the things we expected him to be better yet (which I think Jeff already covered). But oh well - "cautiously optimistic" is pretty much S.O.P. with me when it comes to politics anyway. I'm still holding out hope.

Still, I agree that there is something fun about having a celebrity-style president that most everyone likes. It's why it was fun growing up in the Reagan and Clinton years.

My word verification is "nesemism", which is a little close to "pessimism".

Jeff said...

I dunno. Honestly, I'd prefer to have a Coolidge-style technocrat who kept a rather low profile. At least then people wouldn't confuse him for a superhero and would stop expecting him to fix the economy and health care and bring world peace while destroying terrorists singlehandedly.

Mike said...

I said "fun", not "good". Obviously my opinions on the proper role of the federal government would lend themselves more to a president who slept 14 hours a day :)

AGJ said...
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AGJ said...
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