Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Music I Don't Like

Has anyone heard anything by Jack White's new group, Dead Weather?

I've heard a couple songs and I'll be honest: I hate it.

I know, I know, he's Jack White. The White Stripes are awesome. This is essentially a super group and therefore supposed to be awesome too. But I just really hate it. Not apathy. Not dislike. I actually turn the radio off when it comes on. I would rather listen to nothing. Anyone else?

I'm also discovering that I feel the exact same way about almost any song by Art Brut. I like the song Emily Kane, but all of their new stuff is terrible. Plus every one of their songs sounds exactly the same. I thought I liked them the first couple times I heard their songs but after about a half-dozen listens I turn their music off too.

I can be a bit of an indi-snob with music, and yet I really hate these two indi-fav groups. That strikes me as odd. Anyone else know their stuff and/or have an opinion?

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AGJ said...

It is Jack White. He has very limited potential outside of his norms. No Jeff Tweedy is he. Combine him (JW) with the Kills and all you get is a regurgitated JW. He should remain in is comfort stream.

Remove Jeff Tweedy from Unc Tupelo and you end up with a most capable front man, collaborator, musician, etc.

Remove JW from the White Stripes and all you get is JW doing nothing different.

Sorry to burst a bubble if there was one.

Mike said...

I bought the album and I agree, it's a disappointment (though I stop short of actual hate). Only one or two songs are likely to garner repeat listens.

However, I have to strongly disagree that Jack White can't function outside of the White Stripes. His teaming with Brendan Benson for the Raconteurs has produced a lot of high-quality music. So I applaud him in general for stretching out, even swapping instruments to experiment with new ideas and structures. Even if they don't all stick, that's what being adventurous as an artist is all about.

(P.S. Not sure how Jeff Tweedy entered the discussion, but Wilco's penultimate album, Sky Blue Sky, was pretty bad too, so much so that I've been hesitant to pick up the new self-titled. In other words, just about every artist, no matter how good, has their lulls.)

Jeff said...

Personally, I refuse to listen to Iglu & Hartly and LCD Soundsystem.

White clearly has his limitations, and the main one is that he always seems to want to be experimental and edgy to a fault. The White Stripes were his vehicle for that to some extent, but he was pulled into line by Meg White's limitations as a drummer, so it ends up being just enough insanity to work. Benson reins him in even further in the Raconteurs and forces him to do a bunch of cool stuff within a normal song structure. (And occasionally gives him an outlet for his bluegrassy side.) From what I've heard of the Dead Weather, there's no one in that band willing or able to control or negate his worst impulses, so it comes off as disjointed, difficult to follow music.

Matthew B. Novak said...

I also didn't love Sky Blue Sky, but everything I've heard off of the new album has been really good. A little more pop influence maybe? Something Wilco probably needed.

I'm not totally sold on all of The Raconteurs, but some of it is good.

My word verification is "fixin".

AGJ said...

WHAT? You didn't like Sky Blue Sky? Too Bad.

The reason he (Tweedy) entered the tray was his ability to reach outside of his breakthrough band and succeed.

He did so in a few ways... but yes, the Loose Fur was his lull.

Elsewise, Wilco and Goldensmog are incredible bands... even without major label support. That and each of releases from said bands stretched the constraints of each band.

The Raconteurs were alright, but not ground breaking as were Wilco and Goldensmog...

Just my opinion, but JW still seems to comfortable in his skin.

brendan said...

I unfairly hate all music lip sycnhed by groups involving Matt

-Josh Fiedler

Jeff said...

Come to think of it, I don't know how much of The Dead Weather's sound is White and how much of it is Allison Mosshart and Dean Fertita. Fertita gets lead songwriting credit on both of the radio songs, for what it's worth...

Mike said...

Thanks Jeff for making a point I meant to make in my previous response and forgot. Though they may appreciate it in the context of a negative review, it's a discredit to the other members of any band Jack White is involved in to assume he is the sole driving force. Especially in this case, where he is the drummer. Occasional bursts of guitar on the DW album (IMO also the high points of said album) are the only things that truly smack of White's influence.

Anyway, some beloved indie-bands I just can't get into are Deerhoof (yuck), Of Montreal (meh), and Animal Collective (like some of their stuff, but I mostly respect more than enjoy them).