Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Top 25 Songs of 2009

2009 was an amazing year for music. I realize I'm a week or so late for a year-end list, but it's well worth reviewing some of the best songs of the past year. 2008 was pretty much a gigantic void for music, with nothing really spectacular. 2009 was just the opposite. It was just full of great stuff (obviously we're not talking about Lady Gaga, et. al. (I still haven't heard "Poker Face," and I'm totally okay with that.)). So I've put together my top 25 songs that were released in the last year. I largely culled my list from those that made The Current's top 89, but the rankings are way different and there's a couple songs that didn't make their rankings. There's a pretty wide variety of music types on this list, so check 'em out - you'll probably find something you like.

1. "Home" - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes
2. "I & Love & You" - The Avett Brothers
3. "Gimmie Sympathy" - Metric
4. "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" - Cage the Elephant
5. "French Navy" - Camera Obscura
6. "Just Breath" - Pearl Jam
7. "Kick Drum Heart" - The Avett Brothers
8. "Never Had Nobody Like You" - M. Ward
9. "Yours Truly the Commuter" - Jason Lytle
10. "Listzomania" - Phoenix
11. "Help I'm Alive" - Metric
12. "The Rake Song" - The Decemberists
13. "Heartbroken in Disrepair" - Dan Auerbach
14. "Never Forget You" - Noisettes
15. "Bruises" - Chairlift
16. "'59 Sound" - Gaslight Anthem
17. "My Girls" - Animal Collective.
18. "Death By Diamonds and Pearls" - Band of Skulls
19. "Hurt Feelings" - Flight of the Conchords
20. "This Tornado Loves You" - Neko Case
21. "When We Swam" - Thao and the Get Down, Stay Down
22. "Dreams" - Brandi Carlyle
23. "Geraldine" - Glasvegas
24. "God Help The Girl" - God Help The Girl (from the album God Help The Girl)
25. "Two Weeks" - Grizzly Bear

Home is wherever I'm with you


Quinn said...

Only 11 songs into your list. This isn't the music to which I usually listen, but I'm digging Metric. Fun stuff.

Nervous about Animal Collective...we'll see about that. Thanks for the list, Matt.

Mike said...

Some really good songs here, many of which would make my list. I'm impressed by the inclusion of "Just Breathe" which I had imagined would be one of those excellent album tracks that no one ever hears. Do you really prefer "Listzomania" to "1901"? Also, I seriously can't stand "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked", but I long ago came to terms with the fact that I'm apparently the only one, so I can't begrudge you its inclusion.

There are several songs here that I haven't heard, which may suggest that my dismissal of 2009 as "at best slightly better than 2008" was premature. (Still, it was certainly no 2007).

Alright, you've convinced me: I'll do a 2009 list. I can't shy away from a music discussion.

(BTW, I'm quite impressed you've avoided Lady Gaga, but then I gather you've had a busy year. I actually kinda like what I've heard - at least I don't hate it - but I've also never heard it outside the context of "being at the gym" or "listening to Eric Cartman sing it".)

Matthew B. Novak said...

Quinn -

There's more Metric that could have well made this list... Why nervous about Animal Collective?

Mike -

I really did prefer "Listzomania" to "1901". At least when making the list. "1901" probably would have made a "true" top 25, as would another Avett Brothers and Metric song. I decided to go slightly more representative of artists though, and I figured "1901" had a little wider exposure.

Part of liking "Ain't No Rest" came from hearing it when it was very first out, before any radio stations or anyone else really picked it up.

I'd say that 2007 was still better, but only slightly, from 2009. 2008 is right out.

Oh, and I have to admit to hearing some Lady Gaga, just not "Poker Face." It was ok, but far too "produced."

Jeff said...

"Back Against the Wall" is a way better Cage song. "Wicked" was fun at first but kinda wore on me.

Anyway, you listed a lot of the songs I would think of. Off the top of my head I'll add three:

"Now We Can See" - The Thermals
"Grapevine Fires" - Death Cab for Cutie (probably more an emotional attachment for me)
"Mountain Man" - Crash Kings