Monday, June 27, 2011

Phickle Thoughts

I got the chance to bring my son to Menard's today. I can't tell you how many times my dad took with him to Menard's. It was always one of those leisurely chores. I had no desire to be there myself - I didn't have any money, and if I did I was more likely to spend it on candy or baseball cards than tack hammers and 3-1/2" pipe - but I was always happy to go along. Plus, usually we ended up with candy anyway. So I was excited to bring my son today, even though he's not-even-two. We bought a broom, some hooks for the garage, some nails, and, of course, candy (Not really. We bought barbeque sauce instead.).
After going years - honestly, maybe even a decade - without hearing the song, I have now heard Commander Cody's "Hot Rod Lincoln" 3 times in the past two weeks. Weird.
This past weekend we attended a fair amount of Wabasso's All-Fest. The name, for me at least, is reminiscint of the Icelandic parliment, the "All-thing". I love that name. It is, of course, the oldest parliment still in existence. I got to read all about it in the epic Icelandic Sagas that I read in my great books class. Anyway, this point mostly exists to encourage people to go read an Icelandic Saga, because dang, those things are cool. Also, if you think the feats of athleticism and strength in the sagas seem far fetched, consider that today's World's Strongest Man competitions are populated by the descendents of the people they're writing about. Then take those guys and adjust upwards in strength based on the fact that they had no modern conveniences and did everything by hand. Yup. Cool stuff.
Oh wait, that thing about the All-Fest also existed so that I could tell you that my kid got to pet a tortise and boa constrictor. Whoopty-doo, right? Which meant that I got to pet them too. Whoopty-doo still, right? Anyway, these are the things that excite me these days.

Of course, to be perfectly honest, even when I was at peak coolness, I still would have thought that was exciting.
The real reason for these items is because I want to brag about something I taught my kid. When asked what noise a turtle makes, he answers, "Cowabunga!"
So I'm cleaning out the garage today with the broom and stuff I bought at Menard's. And I'm feeling pretty good. Sweep, sweep, sweep, I'm pushing the dirt around.
"I can't believe what a good deal I got."
Tap, tap, I tap the broom against the floor to shake off some dirt
"This thing was only $5. I should have bought two."
Sweep, sweep, sweep, I'm pushing it into a pile.
"I'm gonna brag about the great deal I got on my $5 broom."
Tap, tap, crrraaack...
I was starting to think the Twins might not lose again. Now I'm starting to think they might not win again. Sigh.

My pappy said son, "You're gonna drive me to drinkin'
If you don't stop driving that Hot. Rod. Lincoln."


Durham said...

Did you watch the parade?

Matthew B. Novak said...

Yes. I noticed you were kind of doing your own little zooming ahead thing, rather than the social, passing out candy thing.

Durham said...

I was not given candy to hand out, as the last time we did the go-cart thing I spilled my supply of candy and bouncy balls all over the street, during a turn. Actually only Chris had a supply of balls and candy of those in a go-cart.