Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Baby On The Way

We're about a month away from having our second child and the gravity of the situation is just starting to really set in. I'm starting to remember the lack of sleep and the feedings and the total helplessness. And then there's the baby... (wow, that joke was too easy to pass up).

Everything is going very well in the pregnancy. It's really been quite similar to last time in a lot of ways. At least, that's how it seems from my perspective. Perhaps my wife would say otherwise. But even though there have been a lot of similarities, it's the differences that are fascinating me.

It isn't anything new or atypical, but because we already have a child this pregnancy is getting a lot less attention. I play music a lot for our son when he was in the womb. I haven't for this child. Part of that is the different set up we have in our apartment, part of it is lacking a pair of headphones, and part of it is focus. I feel bad. And I wonder what role nurture has in prenatal and early child development. I mean, my son really impresses me with how smart he is. That's probably just the way a parent is supposed to feel, but he seems like a brilliant little kid. He's also very musically-inclined. He loves to sing and dance, picks up songs and lyrics very easily, and we catch him singing by himself quite often. He's not half bad for an almost-two-year-old. Again, this is probably something lots of kids do, but I wonder what role, if any, my playing music for him had. And will child number two miss out on that?

I'm an oldest child, so I think in a lot of ways I have very big expectations for my oldest. And despite the fact that I'm not giving the pregnancy as much attention, I'm kind of rooting for kid number two. Like the underdog. As an oldest, I knew my oldest kid would be exceptional. So that means I've got to really sympathize with kid number two, and give them more to level the playing field. Of course, in my family, the second child pretty much surpassed me in everything, so... I guess maybe it'll work out that way again.

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Anonymous said...

Well, if nothing else, kid number two in your family surpassed you stature.

Gina said...

LOL! Hardly surpassed you, Mr.Attorney. I love Cam, and he's a genius, but I'm rooting for #2, especially if its a girl! :)

annalucille said...

If it makes you feel any better, most studies done suggest that babies in the womb can not really decipher between noises, such as parents talking vs playing music for him/her. Their ears are not very well developed until the last month.. which yes, is now for you. so if you want to play that music, now is the best time to do so

CAL said...

the second child will always feel slightly overshadowed which makes him/her somewhat competitive and, I think, more competent in what he/she does accomplish. And, as I've always maintained, this is the most challenging position in the family!